You’ve done it. You’ve pulled off a successful Thanksgiving dinner yet again. You’ve toasted to your loved ones and reminisced about the great year you’ve had while feeling hopeful for the good things to come.

Now it’s Monday, and it’s time to get back to work. Your calendar lists the various events for the week–meetings, deadlines, and holiday parties…it’s that time of year after all.

Then you notice a date you might have forgotten; #GivingTuesday is tomorrow–a great reminder about giving back at this time of year as well. You think about the groups you belong to or have been involved with in the past year: your church, the local food bank, your child’s school. Which can you support tomorrow, and how?

You consider writing checks, but then you remember the blog you read last week about becoming a Solar Champion. You could play a leadership role in helping one of those organizations go solar. The blog struck a chord, because it described how you could personally get involved in a way that would do far more good than simply writing a check. The opportunity to become a Solar Champion is a chance to give meaningful support without necessarily taking money out of your bank, and it’s a gift that will do even more than a one-time donation.

This could be just what you’ve been looking for, a chance to make a bigger impact than you ever could with your giving budget. The timing is right, too. You’ve heard some discussions about solar panels at recent PTA meetings, have seen arrays popping up in your area, and read that almost 4,000 schools nationwide save money with solar every day. You also remember a conversation at the food bank board meeting about managing big costs (like energy). Or maybe you support the transition to clean energy, because you’re concerned about the effects of climate change and are eager to get involved in making an impact locally on this important issue.

No matter the reason, if this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a way to be involved this #GivingTuesday, then you may be a Solar Champion.

A Solar Champion works with their non-profit of choice, guiding them through the process of going solar. Working together with Sunvestment Energy Group, you will act as a liaison for your organization, sharing information on how they can save money by going solar, helping obtain administrative information about the organization’s electricity use, and more.

There are many reasons that solar could be beneficial for your community non-profit, and we can work with you to communicate those benefits and streamline the process.

Organizations like those you belong to need funding to continue their work, and helping them by donating this #GivingTuesday is a great way to show your support. As most solar arrays produce $5 or more of energy savings for every $1 invested, if you help your organization to go solar, you could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars over time–money they can use to advance their good work. Being a Solar Champion for your organization is a great way to make a lasting impact.