Bringing the Benefits of Solar to Your Community.

Empowering Members to Invest in Their Community’s Solar Energy Mission.

The sun’s rays are everywhere. We see and feel them every day. So why isn’t solar energy available everywhere to everyone? Because installing a new solar energy system has been out of reach for many.
Until now.

Sunvestment Energy Group was founded to bring solar energy to more communities through unique, community-participation financing. By simplifying the process and bringing traditional and community investors together, we’re lowering the cost of solar so that more people can benefit from the free fuel provided by the sun.

We leverage key investor relationships to create a financing model, which allows at least a portion of each project to be funded by the community. That means local organizations, municipalities, school districts, and businesses can finally afford solar energy because they have community members investing in their array.

This creative financing solution was first developed by Jim Kurtz and Chris Flynn, when a corporate client needed to build a solar array but couldn’t cover all the up-front costs. Together, Jim and Chris devised a method where the employees of the company could become owners of the array and benefit from the financial returns of the energy themselves. Within months, the solar array was funded and operational.

Over the past two years, with help from the U.S. Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative and the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, we’ve scaled this model, making it easier for more communities and their members to participate.

We want community leaders and members alike to come to Sunvestment Energy Group to achieve the goals they can’t anywhere else. We not only make solar possible, we make it easy.

Meet the Team

Jim Kurtz

President & Founder

As President and Founder of Sunvestment Energy Group, Jim is able to showcase his more than 20 years of experience in both the solar energy field and booming world of startups and finance. He previously worked at numerous for profit and non-profit startups, assisting in strategic planning, partnership development, and financial modeling. In 2009, Jim founded RER Energy Group, a preview to his established career in solar energy. Today, his commitment to his clients, passion for renewable energy, and financial expertise are the foundations upon which Sunvestment Energy Group is built.

Christopher Flynn

VP, Strategy

Chris has been part of the Sunvestment Energy Group from its very inception. Before helping found Sunvestment Energy Group, Chris underwrote and helped fund more than $40 million of renewable energy projects for the Sustainable Energy Fund. Now, Chris continues his career in solar energy at Sunvestment Energy Group as Vice President of Strategy, with responsibilities including coordination of new strategic investment sources, project underwriting, and brand strategy.

Rodney G. Rose, Esq.

General Counsel and Director of Financial Management

Rodney Rose serves as General Counsel for Sunvestment Group. In this role, he works with our financial and legal partners to ensure our programs meet the highest legal and ethical standards so our clients and investors understand our dedication to compliance and transparency. In addition, Attorney Rose’s experience and legal acumen assures that Sunvestment Energy Group’s business methodology conforms with all current, and anticipated SEC regulations.

Michael Drei

Director of Marketing & Communications

Mike is the Director of Marketing & Communications for Sunvestment Energy Group, where his primary responsibilities include leading all strategic marketing initiatives and outbound communications. Before joining Sunvestment Energy Group, Mike was able to successfully scale marketing processes at Energy Systems & Installation, which directly helped the company achieve significant growth in just four years. Now, he’s doing the same for us.

Stephanie Brun de Pontet, Ph.D.

Board Member and Strategic Advisor

Stephanie joined Sunvestment Energy Group as a board member and strategic advisor to help support the company’s growth and advise executives on significant business decisions. She also works as a senior consultant at The Family Business Consulting Group, where she advises clients on matters of governance, leadership development, and continuity planning.

Solar Success Stories

We’re very happy with our solar array. We are meeting our goals for electrical production, and it enables us to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. Jim’s team was creative in trying to find a solution to fit our needs, and they came up with a solution in alignment with our way of thinking.

Pierre Noack
President, Aerzen

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